TOP 3 of my favorite oils!

For the last year or so I have used tree oils: coconut, castor and tree tea oil. I can admit now that they are my favorite ones so I decided to write a blog and share some beauty secrets that can enhance your natural beauty get you glowing!


Coconut oil

I’m obsessed with coconut oil – it’s just such an all round wonder product! But likely I am using it for my hair care. Coconut oil makes an awesome hair mask. I try to apply it overnight once every week to keep my hair soft and shiny. I add about a tablespoon to my ends, then I brush them to make sure that the coconut oil is evenly spread. To remove the mask, simply wash it out with shampoo and conditioner a few hours later or the next morning. Note: I avoid putting the coconut oil on my roots because it can be harder to wash out and needs a few shampoos to come off completely. Otherwise, it can make your hair look a little greasy. Tip: Always buy unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil, since it goes through the least process and is closest to its natural state.


Castor oil

Another oil that I am inlove with is Castor oil. If you’re looking for a cheap, natural remedy for hair complaints, then castor oil is definitely worth your time. Mostly I use castor oil for regrowing and thickening my eyelashes and eyebrows. Once I bought the oil, I started applying it every night before bed. Application was just getting some oil on my fingertips and gently massaging on to the eyebrows and eyelashes in circular motion. Note: the oil is very thick in consistency so a little goes a long way. Believe me, this oil makes so much different! In 2 weeks I noticed that my eyelashes are way longer than it have ever been and my eyebrows are so thick!


Tree tea oil

Last but not least is Tree Tea oil. This oil should be a part of everyone’s skin care routine because it is the key to clearing up acne scars and controlling breakouts. Tree tea oil has a very high terpene content that destroys bacteria. That makes it very effective at fighting acne and improving skin after breakouts. Tea tree oil helps heal zits and the lesions they leave behind. Also, it minimizes scars when applied to wounds. So whenever I have a pimple on my skin I apply tree tea oil on it and it’s gone!

Hope it was helpful!

Love, K




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