For the love of lingerie

Hey everyone!

Maybe it‘s a little bit late but I am here with bralette blog post! I have been seeing all kind of bralettes all over the Instagram and pinterest since last year. I was a bra girl but last week bralette came into my mail and since then I can‘t get enough of wearing it!

Bralette have became a small-chested girl‘s new BBF. Now, it seems as though the bra heavens have heard our cries, and blessed us with a reason to celebrate our smaller chest size, not to mention the best lingerie option of all: bralette.

Think of the bralette as the more mature version of a training bra because it has optimal comfort. Bralettes are lightweight, with a little bit of stretch that allows the bra to fit perfectly with the contours of our body, allowing girls to move around freely without desperately awaiting the moment they can be free from the breast-jail that is a push-up bra. There is a lot of different so feel free to experiment with lace, cutouts, straps and other stylish details that look fabulous! Once you find your best bralette match, it‘s forever, trust me.

So that’s it for today’s blog post. I hope you got inspired to try a bralette! Take care!

Love, K2016-06-28 06.48.26 4.jpg


2016-07-03 08.25.31 2.jpg


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