Gentle Autumn wind

Hello peeps!

Today I had a chance to visit one of the most beautiful church here in Lithuania. We climbed all the way to the roof and the view was absolutely amazing. So, I decided to shoot my outfit there and share it with you guys! As we all know the summer is gone, but no worries! Autumn is such a nice season, especially for fashion. It’s time to break out the jackets, layer up, and load up on cute ankle booties.

I wanted to put some new pieces in wardrobe for early autumn when the temperature is not that low here. I was looking for lighter fabrics clothes and I discovered this trench coat from SHEIN. This type of coats are  made of lighter fabrics, usually draped, with a belt, knee-long, slightly oversize so that it basically dances in the sun, when the wind so gently blows in autumn. Color wise, they look best in nudes and pastels (kinda makes me feel like a spy haha!). I love this coat because it can be worn for both work as well as casual occasions, is the definition of effortless and cool-chic. It can hide a lazy-outfit by making it look so fashionable, or it can pull together a sophisticated look. You can check my coffee trench coat HERE!

So what do you think: ready to trade you leathers for light trenches?
Have a nice golden autumn, see you soon!

Love, K

2016-09-08 06.25.49 2.jpg

2016-09-08 06.48.37 1.jpg

2016-09-08 08.11.46 1.jpg

2016-09-08 08.34.28 1.jpg

2016-09-08 09.08.04 1.jpg

2016-09-08 07.22.18 1.jpg

2016-09-08 08.46.20 1.jpg


3 Comments Add yours

  1. This is such stylish and classy look. Love everything about it. Your trench looks superb and I love the photography and background as well. Thanks for sharing. Do drop by my blog as well : 🙂


  2. imeastyle says:

    I love this outfit, it is classic but so chic and stylish! You look great on the photos!

    //Timi from


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