Let’s try something different! | Culottes pants

Hello everyone!

I am back with another blog post for you peeps! This time I took a risk and tried something different than usual. Today’s blog post is featuring one of the trends I was afraid to try this past year (what a coward hahah!). If you have noticed, everyone seems to have jumped aboard the “skirt-type-pants” called culottes! It’s been trending for quite a while now and I never thought I would wear them. I have seen a lot of pictures on “Instagram” and “Pinterest” where girls are wearing culottes, but unfortunately, I saw only a few girls rocking these pants on the streets here in Lithuania. I guess many girls still have a fear to wear culottes, but here is some tips for you how to style them!

2016-10-02 09.15.58 1.jpg

2016-10-02 11.00.20 1.jpg

I picked this pleated black culottes from online shop ROMWE. In my opinion black ones are the best option because they will go well almost with everything! I tried to keep my outfit minimalist, so I paired my black culottes with grey plain sweater. On top I am wearing my favorite leather jacket that goes really well with my black leather handbag. I think, the most important thing when styling this look is shoes! When you wear culottes, people automatically are drawn towards your feet and ankles, so to finish my look I decided to wear white sneakers with black details to keep it comfy and casual. You can check out my culottes here!

2016-10-02 10.42.42 1.jpg

2016-10-02 10.41.40 2.jpg

2016-10-02 10.40.40 1.jpg

2016-10-02 10.51.12 1.jpg

The last tip that I want to mention on this blog is about height. If you are on the shorter side, his style of pants is likely going to make you look shorter. But it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them! I suggest to style culottes with heels then. They will give you more height and compliment the wide cropped shape of culottes!

2016-10-02 11.03.15 1.jpg

2016-10-02 10.50.01 1.jpg

I am really glad that I took a risk and tried this fashion trend. Love how this look turned out! I learned that it’s all about being confident. If you are wearing something that may be “against the rules”, but you like it, then go for it and don’t be afraid!

Take care and I will see you soon peeps!

2016-10-02 10.55.10 1.jpg

Leather jacket – Zara

Sweater – Amisu

Culottes – Romwe

Sneakers – New Yorker

Sunglasses – Stradivarius

Choker – Stradivarius

Handbag – Mango


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