Cosy autumn evening | Oversize sweater

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Happy Monday guys!

This weekend I finally had the opportunity to spend my time in city Klaipėda. I have to admit that this city became my second home town! I felt in love with Klaipėda because of its classic architecture, stunning landscapes and most important sandy beach and sea! If you would ask me to recommend a place to visit in Klaipėda, I would definitely suggest beautiful swings with the view to the ocean. It’s my favorite place to relax and take a rest. It’s a pity that I can not swing too much because constantly I start to feel nauseous.(haha!)

2016-10-17 01.06.05 1.jpg

2016-10-17 12.56.11 1.jpg

So, the weather in Lithuania got really cold this past week. Sweater weather is clearly here! In autumn time you just need a big snuggly sweater. So, for this cosy evening I decided to wear my oversize sweater from SHEIN. What I love the most about oversize sweater is that when you wear, it feels like you wrapped yourself in a soft blanket! It kept me warm the whole evening.

2016-10-16 11.57.09 2.jpg

2016-10-17 12.55.01 1.jpg

2016-10-16 11.15.10 1.jpg

2016-10-17 12.02.49 2.jpg

2016-10-16 11.55.17 1.jpg

2016-10-16 11.56.34 1.jpg

For the shoes I decided to wear my over-knee-boots. These boots are the chicest shoes of the season. Perfect for those chilly days. It will keep you warm and on-trend with ease. Over-the-knee boots are now perfect for day or night!

2016-10-17 01.04.24 1.jpg

2016-10-16 11.58.43 1.jpg

If you are still looking for your autumn sweater you can check this one right here! That’s it for today’s blog post. I hope you are having a good day! Stay warm and until next time!

Love, K

Sweater – SHEIN

Boots – ALDO

Handbag – Stradivarius


2 Comments Add yours

  1. What a nice, cozy sweater!


  2. Oh my goodness, your pictures are beautiful. The sweater is incredibly unique. I love it!

    xo Logan


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